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Berkhamsted Castle

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Welcome to one of England's hidden heritage hotspots. Located just 25 miles outside London, Berkhamsted Castle is steeped in over 950 years of history. It was here that the Anglo-Saxons surrendered to William, Duke of Normandy in December 1066, and he became “The Conqueror”. Within these walls have walked numerous English Kings and Queens, Thomas Becket, Edward the Black Prince and Geoffrey Chaucer.

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Berkhamsted Castle is only only 35 minutes by train from London, nestled in beautiful Hertfordshire countryside.

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Daily 10:00—18:00
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950 years of History

For centuries, Berkhamsted Castle was a royal stronghold. From the Norman Conquest onward, kings, queens and princes lived within the castle walls and shaped the course of English history.

Personalities of the Past

From William the Conqueror and Edward the Black Prince to Geoffrey Chaucer and Graham Greene, meet the famous names who have walked within Berkhamsted Castle walls

Discover a Heritage Hotspot

Explore the ruins of Berkhamsted Castle with this interactive guide – discover the hidden history of a royal palace and the site of an ancient siege.

Support us

Berkhamsted Castle Trust is run by local volunteers to promote and preserve our precious heritage. Find out how you can help us by donating or volunteering.
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19. December, 2019.
Peacful Very peaceful and lovely place to reflect. It's very nice on a summers day around sunset. It's also nice on a winters day wjth snow all around
Nicola D
Nicola D
24. September, 2019.
A very interesting tour The castle is an early example of a motte and bailey castle, the motte being the mound. The remains of the walls are made of flint. The castle is ruined now. We attended for a free guided tour as part of the Heritage Open Days. We were visiting relatives in the area. We were lucky that it was a glorious sunny day in September. Our guide was interesting and knowledgeable, he really knew the history of the castle. It was lovely to see lots of families picnicking in the castle grounds even if they did not fully appreciate their surroundings. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour.
David M
David M
27. August, 2019.
Peaceful sanctuary on an historic spot I visited this site on one of the hottest and sunniest days of the year. There is not much left of the castle now with just some walls, a bit of the kitchens and the hill. There was a very small visitor room. However it was very nice just sitting in the sun for a few hours with a good book. Very nice surroundings.
24. August, 2019.
Atmospheric ruins Berkhamsted Castle is unique in that it had three moats but now you can only see two as the outermost one was drained & ultimately destroyed (as was the main gatehouse) for the arrival of the canal, railway & subsequent development at this point. There's not much left of the castle walls, just a few sections, but the earthworks are interesting & there's some good areas for exploration - if you climb the motte you get a good view over the huge bailey area. When I was there there were lots of children running round & having a lovely time, and families picnicing. Best of all, it's free! The visitor centre tells the castle's history (there's loads) and Berkhamsted is the town where William the Conqueror was finally offered the crown of England after the battle of Hastings in 1066.