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The Undiscovered Castle

Although we know a great deal about Berkhamsted Castle and the individuals connected with it over the centuries, there is still plenty to be investigated. There has been very little done by way of academic research into the surviving original documents and records relating to the Castle or the individuals connected with it, or in relation to the various events of the nation’s history which were planned and authorised at Berkhamsted Castle by successive monarchs. Similarly, there has been very limited archaeological investigation undertaken at Berkhamsted Castle over the years. Berkhamsted Castle Trust exists to help rectify that.

We have recently commissioned, in conjunction with English Heritage, a Conservation Management Plan for the Castle, to attempt to capture the current state of knowledge. This will also help to identify areas in need of further research and investigation. We are also undertaking a programme of geophysical research, kindly provided by RSK Geophysics, to better understand the entire Castle site.

However, we are keen to work with academic institutions and other appropriately qualified researchers to devise programmes of research which will further our understanding of the structure and environment of Berkhamsted Castle, the Castle’s history and that of its former residents, and the wider connections with historical events.

If you would like to discuss historical, archaeological, environmental or other research ideas connected to the Castle, please contact us.



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Berkhamsted Castle Trust manages the Berkhamsted Castle site in partnership with English Heritage under a Local Management Agreement. Our volunteers rely on the generosity of the public.
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