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Saturday 22 June 2024 at 12:00am
Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing

It’s the 1960s, and change is in the air … on a sun-drenched island steeped in tradition, the old order is about to be shaken up by new spirit of liberation, as our thoroughly modern heroine, Beatrice, determines not to be “overmastered”.

Moving Parts Theatre Company invite you to the shores of Sicily for the intrigue, wit and wisdom of one of Shakespeare’s most loved comedies, Much Ado About Nothing.
Don’t miss this outdoor performance at Berkhamsted Castle. Enjoy a picnic in stunning English Heritage surroundings and a glorious afternoon/evening of high comedy, drama, inventive storytelling and toe-tapping tunes, with original music inspired by everything from Sicilian Tarantella to Italian 1960s pop.

Choose from the 2pm and the 7pm performance.

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